Reach more customers with Text-2-Subscribe

By | March 29, 2011 at 8:40 pm

Growing your subscriber list just got a whole lot easier.

Indiana based Email Marketing Services provider Delivra have unveiled a easy, more convenient feature to allow your customers to mangage their subscription to your emails with Text-2-Subscribe.

By simply sending an SMS with a codeword, your customers can subscribe to your list with next to no hassle. Another great aspect is that once they send the mesage, they will recieve a confirmation to enter their email address – this is fantastic news for those that manually type their subscribers into their system

Neil Berman, president and CEO of Delivra says

“Subscribers are able to act on their interest when they are eager to get information, such as at an event, trade show or convention. Email marketers benefit by having the email automatically added to their list without the additional work of entering email addresses into the system.”

Working alongside Delivra to make all of this possible is Connective Mobile, a leading provider in mobile marketing.

Adam Small, president of Connective Mobile says:

“Delivra is the first email service provider offering our Text-to-Subscribe function to their clients. Until now we have worked with companies and brands directly, and have seen thousands of email addresses added to lists in a matter of hours. This is a very powerful feature.”

Would your small business benefit from this feature?

Image Credit: pouwerkerk