Four Useful To Do List Tools

By | July 16, 2010 at 9:09 am

Trying to organise your day more effectively? Why not check out some online productivity tools…

All of us have a million and one things to do in our day and will spend valuable time trying to find a solution to help us organise our work (and indeed personal) lives more effectively.

That’s where we can help: we have done the running around for you and have reviewed some of the top online productivity tools available:

Ta-da Lists:

Created by 37 Signals, who pride themselves on creating ‘A better way to work’, Ta-da Lists work on the ‘less is more’ principle and as such have designed a productivity tool which is simple to use, uncluttered in design and uses larger fonts to make lists easier to read.

The online organiser works across a number of web browsers including IE 6 and 7, Firefox 2 and Safari 2 and is compatible with Macs and PCs. Furthermore the tool can be used on the iPhone making it completely mobile and allowing users to tick off items on the move.

A handy feature on Ta-da Lists is the ability for users to share their ‘to do’ lists with other people whether this is work colleagues, friends or family.  From a work perspective this allows complete collaboration between employees and indeed employers making a working day far more productive.

Remember The Milk:

Launched in 2005, Remember The Milk claims to make managing tasks an enjoyable experience and it is certainly one of the more interactive productivity tools on the market.

Users can use a multitude of platforms including iPhone, iPad, Twitter, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Google Calendars to access their ‘to do’ lists making this service a truly accessible solution.

Moreover, users can take advantage of the useful map feature which enables them to locate tasks providing a practical time management attribute to the service. Further features include the ability to share lists with others, adding dates with the helpful ‘Quick List’ feature and valuable keyboard shortcuts meaning less time is spent actually creating the list.

The Online CEO (also known as Rough Underbelly):

Based on a reward system, The Online CEO is a productivity tool centred on motivating the user.

The tool is based entirely on the Printable CEO which was created by David Seah  and works by weighting different tasks based on their level of importance.

Users of The Online CEO assess each item on their ‘to do’ list and then adds a number of points to that item. The idea is that the user gains a sense of positive reinforcement once the item is completed and the points collected and thus will strive to complete the tasks that carry more points and ultimately are more important.

To date the service is only available through its website.


Simple and easy to use, Todoist is another example of an online productivity tool. It provides users with an uncomplicated system which consists of a list of projects and a list of items to do.

Users can colour code their items to find them easier whilst the reordering function enables lists to be kept up to date if priorities change. The system is also praised for its extensive keyboard shortcuts which speed up productivity for the user.

To date Todoist can be integrated with Gmail, can be accessed through a Firefox sidebar and viewed on a mobile device.

What productivity tools do you use? Let us know your thoughts!

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  • Sarah

    Great article! Have been looking for something to help me organise my home life in just the same way as I organise my work life… so have downloaded one of these aids to help. Hopefully both sides of my life will now run like a well oiled machine!