5 FREE Options for Managing your Business Files Online

By | June 16, 2011 at 1:00 am

Working remotely does not need to be difficult. There are so many options for you to share your files online effectively, efficiently and without interruption.

Here are 5 free options to share your files online

Free, easy to use and includes an option to download the “Desktop” manager which allows you to easily upload and download files straight to/from your desktop.

10GB of storage space goes a long way and 4Shared makes it so easy to use. Your online file system looks just like a Google account and you have a “Message” box in which 4Shared sends you information about recent updates and add ons.

On their “Basic Plan” you are offered 50GB of online storage space enabling you to share, file transfer and access your files from anywhere in the world. You upload your documents to their server and are required to sign in to access and share your documents in the cloud. If you require more space and no ads you can pay up to $139.50 per year for up to 10TB of storage.

What I love about Dropbox is that it acts just like a document folder on your computer. You are required to download the program to your hard drive and from there you can create folders, edit files and save them straight from the program you are using to the specified folder on your dropbox account. Anyone that has shared access to that folder automatically had access to your file. You can also access all of your documents online by logging into dropbox.com

Initially you receive 2gb of free space on their “Basic Plan”. But by referring other people to their site, and them downloading and installing Dropbox you can receive up to 8GB Free.

Google Docs
Google supply their customers with so much, that it is not surprising it has its own file management system in Google Docs.

Although there are many restrictions on formatting and there is not as much flexibility as what you get from the original Office programs, Google Docs is a fantastic way to share your files. It offers Live Updating (you can see what other people are doing, when they are doing it) You can share entire folders, you can individually choose who sees specific files and there are many productive “gadgets” to add to excel files.

Webcity provides you with 10GB of data storage space on an Australian based server.  Your files are available online and you can access them anywhere with your log in details. You can upgrade your plan to the “Pro Storage Plan” for $89 per year for 100GB of Storage.

Do you or your organization use an alternative online file management accounts? Share with us any systems you use that can help us to share our files online


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