Top 10 Blogs for Small to Mid-sized Businesses

By | April 18, 2010 at 6:45 pm

The valuable resources you can uncover in the top 10 blogs for small business

  1. 1. Online Marketing Blog

This blog offers extensive resources, commentaries, and articles regarding the active world of digital marketing.  It discusses online public relations, social media marketing and search engine marketing and optimization which are very useful to budding and stable businesses alike. Online Marketing Blog also conducts interviews with reputable people in the business industry, regularly contributes to a number of publications and sites, speaks in conferences and provides training services making it the number 1 ranked Small Business Blog on Technorati.

2. Affiliate X Files

People interested in affiliate marketing would find this site very useful. By availing of their free site membership, one can extract tons of information regarding affiliate programs and other affiliate issues. Their comprehensive articles provide strategies on website content optimization and market research among a few. Certainly getting essential affiliate marketing ideas at no costs, this site deserves its place in the top small business blogs list.

3. Social Media Today

Claiming to be “the world’s best thinkers on Social Media and Web 2.0”, customizes B2B social communities according to the needs of its customers. Composed of competent media and marketing bloggers, this site offers an avenue for productive interaction regarding every perspective of the social media arena.

4. Brian Solis- PR 2.0

A renowned thought leader in the marketing and communications industry, Brian Solis exhibits his expertise in the convergence of influence, publishing and media in this top ranking blog. His views and experiences on the innovative evolution of media and communications are not only sought-after in his blog but also in conferences and other business events where he speaks occasionally. Solis also writes books, the latest of which is titled “Engaged”, an excellent guide in the application of the fusion of technologies and methodologies in business and marketing communications.

5. Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang

Started in 1996, this blog by Jeremiah Owyang has become a powerful source of information in the industry making it one of the most appreciated small business blogs around. With a strong background in marketing and technology analyses and strategies, Jeremiah provides comprehensive outlook in web customer communications along with the underlying decision-making processes and principles. Dubbed as a Web Strategist, he also writes for Forbes’ CMO Network and speaks in corporate events, workshops and conferences.

6. Altitude Branding

A social media and marketing expert, author Amber Naslund shares her passion to the world by carrying out tools, programs, articles and essential concepts on social media to the blog stream. Also a favourite speaker in numerous conferences and speaking engagements, Amber is an excellent communicator in presenting the best applications of social media to various forms of businesses. She discusses strategic elements and tenets on taking advantage of the social media to move your brand to greater heights. No wonder this blog garnered multiple recognitions including Top 10 Social Media Blogs of 2010 and Forbes’ 20 Best Social Media and Marketing Blogs By Women!

7. BrandSavant

Highly creative and insightful, author Tom Webster pours his experience in audience and brand research in this blog to spread and deepen the grasp of social media in the industry. provides contents in developing useful techniques and strategies from the data obtained by social media in order to make your brands thrive in the business. With tons of enticing recommendations from the site, Tom is indeed a savant to watch out for.

8. Convince and Convert Blog

If you want sound and inspiring social media advice, get your hands full in the Convince & Convert Blog. Jay Baer the blog creator is also behind Twitter 20, the pioneer in Twitter interviews. He is also an experienced consultant in different organizations and an excellent speaker in various conferences. To experience this hype-free top ranking small business blog, avail of Jay’s social media services on strategic planning, consulting and coaching, and training and see your business soar to a more exciting light.

9. Duct Tape Marketing

Chosen as the Best Small Business Marketing Blog by Marketing Sherpa followers for three consecutive years (2004-2006), the Duct Tape Marketing blog is also favoured by Forbes and Harvard Business School for its business and marketing features. Named as “The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide”, the Duct Tape Marketing system offers you tips, strategies and tools to advance your business to a higher level.

10. VA4Growth

Founded by Marney Lewis, VA4Growth provides you anything from administrative services to any other requirements tailored to the needs of your business. Composed of experienced professional Virtual Assistants, grow your company with the resources, articles and tips from this blog. Let the experts help you and find out why VA4Growth is considered to be one of the best small business blogs in the industry.