Small businesses: Most Searched, Least Visible… Time to Get Online!

By | June 30, 2010 at 7:00 pm

Why are three quarters of small business owners yet to get themselves on the World Wide Web?

SME Technology Forum is here to help small businesses understand the growing world of all things tech, so I was interested when I came across this article on titled “Three-quarters of SMEs don’t have own website”.

Almost three quarters of small businesses still don’t have their own website, and 40 per cent don’t use email in their everyday work, a new survey commissioned by Google shows.

The survey of 500 businesses with 20 employees or less, undertaken by Research International, found 40 per cent did not use the internet regularly, and a further 34 per cent did not operate a stand-alone website but were listed on directories or similar.

Maybe its that small businesses are yet to realise how effective an online presence can be. It doesn’t need to be an expensive step, or a big step – you don’t even need a website to be online.

The study also revealed that Australians are searching more frequently for their plumbers or their local garage then they are searching for celebrities or politicians.

See the original blog post from Google here: Small business – why so shy?

Why is it that small businesses aren’t marketing themselves online?